Gender biases: Who is the culprit?

Gender biases: Who is the culprit?

“Meet the Brilliant All-Girl Team Set to Represent India at the Olympics of Robotics”
Which part of this news item struck you the most? Most of the people we asked said that an ‘All-Girl’ team sounded like the news of the day, followed by India being at the Olympics of Robotics. Yes! That is how big the news is. It is so huge that India being in the Robotics Olympics gets overshadowed and still we have a huge majority of naysayers who exclaim, “Gender biases? C’mon, we are definitely improving on that front!”
Well, we are definitely improving in some ways which is why there is an ‘All-Girl’ team going for Olympics in the first place but this change is on a very miniscule level and while it might not be as gloomy as it was a few decades ago, it is far from bright. Let us pause for a minute and ask ourselves-Am I gender neutral? The saddest bit is almost everyone reading this would say an affirmative “YES” because the educated society truly believes that we are progressing and that we believe in equality and discrimination is a big NO NO.
Isn’t it ironic then that despite this thought process, we are a nation where matrimonial ads that begin with “A slim, fair, homely girl…” garner maximum attention and the ones that start with “Dusky girl with beautiful eyes” is a far second while a “working woman, 35” is still waiting for a response. Heck! We are a nation that still needs matrimonial ads to get its youth find their life partners.(do we need this line)
Gender biases run deep in most of us and breaking those shackles is more than a job. It is a thought process that needs lot of conscious effort. The biases are so entwined in our fabric that it needs more than sloganeering or posting support messages on social media alone. It requires a complete rejig of the way we think. You still think you are clean and totally not part of this world that has different parameters to judge men and women?
OK. Imagine the situation that is described here. Don’t try too hard. Let the images flow honestly.
X is cooking the tastiest baigan bharta for Y who is coming back from a solo trip to Ladakh. Y loves bikes and X loves sitting at the airport watching people meet their loved ones, some hugging good byes while others wait for a warm welcome. X and Y are different in their tastes and likes and yet they love each other.”
Now would you be surprised if I tell you Y is a 39 year-old corporate boss who happens to be a woman too whereas X is 26 (should we say 36. Taking a break from corporate at 26 seems little early. Also the age gap of 26 & 39…… or you will tell me I am falling in the stereotype trap) , taking a break from the corporate cartwheel and enjoying cooking for his dearest Y?
Gender biases anyone?

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